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Languages & Libraries
~m sigil for Elixir
Starting with version 8.5.0, Node.js supports ES modules natively, behind a command line option. Most of the credit for this new functionality goes to Bradley Farias. This blog post explains the details.

On the Server
As your database grows and scales there are some operations that you need to take more care of than you did when you were just starting.

The passwordless system introduced by Slack as a magic link is a really good alternative to the basic email/password authentication system for many reasons.

On the Front-End

Faster, smaller, more flexible. Try the beta today!

In React, Render Callbacks are a powerful alternative to Higher-Order Components (HOCs). Learn why you should avoid using one of the most popular implementations, Function as Child Components, and discover a better solution called Component Injection.

On the Go
We’ve written quite a bit in the past about our approach to building hybrid mobile apps. Basecamp 3 represents the latest generation of this architecture, taking everything we’ve learned from previous versions.

GitHub in your pocket. GitPoint is a feature-rich unofficial GitHub client that is 100% free. Available for both iOS and Android.

GitHub, in collaboration with Facebook, are pleased to announce the launch of Atom-IDE - a set of optional packages to bring IDE-like functionality to Atom.

People & Process

tl;dr: Two-thirds of the top OSS projects are maintained by one or two people. This is not sustainable. We can help.

In recent years, I’ve had more and more companies ask me to speak on the benefits of Test Driven Development (TDD) and share advice about how to implement a more productive quality process.
Learning & Growth
I joined Google’s Search Quality team right out of college. During my two years there — from 2006 to 2008 — I learned many things about how to become the best software engineer I could be.

Must See
Ecto can be a little mysterious. In some ways, it's a lot like database libraries you've used before, and in other ways it's completely different. You may have been initially drawn in by the parts that seemed familiar, only to get confused when it didn't work like you expected.
Worth a Listen
On today's episode we have a conversation with Randy Coulman about his most recently launched open source project and his philosophies about maintaining open source projects.

Other Cool Stuff
When I was younger, I experienced the Girl Scouts program like many girls have. I made it to the “Juniors” level before retiring my cookie-selling skills. I learned a lot through the program and had a few fun summers at camp.

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