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Languages & Libraries

A powerful React component to create any layout on any browser using the power of flex.

On the Server
Over time, the software industry has come up with several ways to deliver code faster, safer, and with better quality. Many of these efforts center on ideas such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, agile development, DevOps, and test-driven development.
On the Front-End

CSS-in-JS is a bit like eval for CSS. It is incredibly powerful, but it also makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot.

One of my favorite front-end tools these days is React, and those who've talked with me about front-end work know I'm vocal about it.

justify-content: space-evenly works great with grid-containers, but support for flex-containers is currently (07/2017) very limited.
Learn the CSS Grid Spec


Bundler 2.0 will change the filename of the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. Let's look at why that is and what this means for you (and us).

A look at the design and mechanics of StreamData, a data generation and property testing library for Elixir.

People & Process
Why business executives should concern themselves with coding practices.

Your management revolution and what it can do to your team

TL;DR: the most productive development happens when one person knows the system intimately because they wrote it; this is in conflict with growing a system beyond what one person maintains.

Worth a Listen
On today’s episode we discuss “Four Reasons Developers are Unproductive,” an article by David Bryant Copeland.

In this episode we talk about his upbringing and what it’s like learning to program in Russia, the backstory of how Redux came to be, handling burnout, and much more.
Other Cool Stuff

Hackers can take control of the world’s most popular voice assistants by whispering to them in frequencies humans can’t hear.

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