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Languages & Libraries
  • #1867 🆕 mergeDeepLeft, mergeDeepRight, mergeDeepWith, mergeDeepWithKey
  • #2120 🆕 startsWith, endsWith
  • #2127 🆕 o, binary compose
  • #2130 🆕 memoizeWith
  • #1868 🆕 innerJoin

Polyfill implements newer Ruby features into older versions.

On the Server
This page is a comprehensive reference of Chrome DevTools features related to analyzing performance.

On the Front-End

Google Maps's Quiet Transformation

Simple and powerful state management for Redux.

React Move - Beautifully and deterministically animate anything in React

On the Go
 The JavaScript bundler for React Native.

Extracted from React Native into its own separate repo.


Atom Plugin to enlarge the active pane, either with a shortcut or with a super handy follow mode. Inspired by Origami for Sublime Text.

Dive into the basics of Docker and learn how to create a self-contained, shareable development environment with containers, images, Dockerfiles, and volumes.

People & Process
I have been tidying up Facebook code this week and loving it. I’ve tidied up for thousands of hours over my career, and I have some rules for making this style of cleanup safe, fun, and efficient.

Ten person startups (or smaller) often have a lot of generalists. Everyone does a little of everything, which is what can make startups exciting.

If you’ve heard the term “dual-track development” before, this article explains where it comes from, and what it means.

Must See
WeWork's Adam Neumann talks with Connie Loizos about building operating systems for buildings, selling services, and building partnerships.

Worth a Listen

Ben Orenstein and Derrick Reimer on the intersection of code and business

Other Cool Stuff
The goal is not to simply eliminate the bad, which does nothing more than leave you with a vacuum, but to pursue and experience the best in the world.
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