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Languages & Libraries
I've had a few conversations recently where I say things like, "the Japanese Ruby community uses Ruby for different things than in America"... and I get blank stares. Specifically, I mention that America is very centered on Rails and web apps with Ruby. No surprise, right? 

Node.js 8 has a new utility function: `util.promisify()`. It converts a callback-based function to a Promise-based one.

On the Server

Need to upgrade your Rails app version? Keep the app upgrade process smooth and bug-free with these tips, articles, and tools for all versions of Rails.

form_tag and form_for are soft deprecated and they will be replaced by form_with in the future.
On the Front-End

This is for everyone: documenting how we're rebuilding inclusive digital services across the UK Government

Now with Scope Hoisting, “magic comments”, and more!

Today we released the new GitHub Desktop Beta, rewritten on Electron.

On the Go
React Native Training - Materials Example App

Gray Box E2E Tests and Automation Library for Mobile Apps


DevDocs is an API documentation browser that combines 100+ docs in a single UI with offline mode, instant search, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

After years of perfecting my Sublime Text setup, I’ve decided to give Atom a chance.
People & Process
Last week was amazing. Here’s what I learned at the Basecamp Way To Work workshop

Increment is dedicated to covering how teams build and operate software systems at scale, one issue at a time. In this, our inaugural issue, we focus on industry best practices around on-call and incident response.

Must See
On January 9, 2007 Apple introduced the iPhone. The iPhone was a revolutionary product from Apple and it changed the way smart phones look in work.
Developing a game is a monumental task. One of the greatest obstacles to getting started is knowing where to start.Remember at the last meetup when Alex asked you to think about your dream project?
Other Cool Stuff

Because he thinks AI has (almost) all the answers.

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