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Languages & Libraries
The next major release of Node.js brings a range of significant changes and additions, far too many for us to cover adequately in a blog post such as this. This article contains a summary of the most significant changes and features.
Pry is much more than a tool for setting a breakpoint though. It is a great tool for exploring code interactively.
On the Server
An ActiveRecord null database adapter for greater speed and isolation in unit tests.

Rails is an amazing, easy to use framework. Upgrading it turned out to be a different story.

On the Front-End

I’ve always found flexbox pretty easy to work with — a breath of fresh air after years of floating and clearfixing.

Higher-order components are a great way to extract repeated state or lifecycle methods from your React code.

When I started learning about accessibility techniques, I was quickly overwhelmed and found it difficult to find a good jumping-off-point that humanized the techniques. These techniques may be "just the beginning", but they will provide the most impact during initial development, and are where I like to start.
On the Go
React Native Training - Fundamentals Keynote Slides

Wowowowowow npm@5! This release marks months of hard work for the young, scrappy, and hungry CLI team, and includes some changes we’ve been hoping to do for literally years.
As the old proverb goes, “Even careful planning and good intentions can’t always prevent surprise impediments showing up in your backlog.”
Format your JavaScript code using the Prettier library on any editable element (`textarea` and `input[type=text]`, for now).
People & Process

When and where people do their work isn't usually important -- how, why and what they do is.

Outside your door stands a line of a few hundred people. They are patiently waiting for you to answer their questions, complaints, pull requests, and feature requests.
Must See
In 'Totally Tooling Tips' web developers Matt and Addy discuss the latest topics, issues and work arounds for building apps and libraries to help mop up your Totally Tooling Tears.
Other Cool Stuff
If you read the news, you may think the MP3 file format was recently officially “killed” somehow, and any remaining MP3 holdouts should all move to AAC now.

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