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Languages & Libraries
Browser API's turned into declarative React components and HoC's

A developer can think of modules and functions as the simplest tools in their Elixir tool belt. When working on larger projects or designing a library, patterns may start to emerge that be solved more ergonomically or efficiently utilizing more powerful language features.
On the Server
Add authentication to your Rails app without all the icky-ness of passwords.

On the Front-End
Recently Slack on the desktop has been going through an awkward adolescence. Instead of flailing limbs and pitch squeaks, ours has manifested in ways rather more grim: inexplicably failing to render content, reloading during common operations, and error screens that aren’t actionable.
A modest JavaScript framework for the HTML you already have

Build beautiful, responsive, readable interfaces.

Zero config UI for Jest

The best project for someone might not be your project, and that's OK.
The plugin manager for zsh.

Get things from one computer to another, safely

People & Process
We are biological beings. We're neither machines nor creatures of pure will and thought. We have human bodies housing human brains, and there are biological needs beyond mere nutrition, respiration, and elimination.

More on fundamentals of agile attitude.

Learning & Growth
On a recent podcast conversation the topic of unit versus integration testing came up. I don’t find the distinction helpful, but I’ve never been able to explain why not, nor what distinctions I do find helpful. This note is my attempt to clear this up.
Other Cool Stuff
Our mission is to incubate a humane dynamic medium whose full power is accessible to all people.
I’ve been working with machine learning techniques to identify several varieties of “troll” Twitter accounts that spread propaganda and false information.
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