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Languages & Libraries
formik - Build forms in React, without the tears 😭 

At its core, React is just JavaScipt. It doesn't need a build system or fancy syntax.  And with just two functions, it lets you create something amazing.
We are pleased to announce CoffeeScript 2! This new release of the CoffeeScript language and compiler aims to bring CoffeeScript into the modern JavaScript era, closing gaps in compatibility with JavaScript while preserving the clean syntax that is CoffeeScript’s hallmark.
On the Server
This post describes a few useful techniques to debug running Erlang / Elixir applications.
I recently started developing a new Phoenix application that uses GraphQL. We decided to use the Absinthe GraphQL Library and it was the right decision so far.
On the Front-End
How We Chose TypeScript over FlowType

This time we go a step further: talking about the techniques and tradeoffs for highly cache-optimised sites, from content-addressable storage to federating your content across a CDN so requests don't even reach your server.
This debugging tool mimics github.com as much as possible, including using GeoDNS and the same certificate authority.
👋 Say bye to UI regressions

Learning & Growth
I want to give some advice to coders struggling to find work, about social media. I don't like giving this advice. But it's the reality.
Must See
How you can foster and encourage trust in yourself and team.
React 16 comes with some powerful new features, in this course we'll be exploring each of them.
Worth a Listen
Any profession that requires you to hit a budget and a deadline while balancing the project vision with practical logistics has a lot to say to software architects and project managers.
Other Cool Stuff
Those among us who fear world domination at the metallic hands of super-intelligent AI have gotten a few steps ahead of themselves.

Teachable Machine: Explore machine learning, live in your browser.

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