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Languages & Libraries
From an engineering standpoint, it's a bit like swapping out the engine of a running car: since hundreds of other companies (including Facebook) use React in production every day, we wanted to do the swap without forcing people to rewrite their components built in React.
Curry? Currying is a technique that translates a function of arity N into a sequence of functions that all have the arity 1.

I just merged into master my changes to enable use of super from let and subject declarations to handle cases like these.
On the Server

How to create Elixir Releases. And some tips for Phoenix, Ecto, and umbrella applications.

On the Front-End

If you’re new to React, you could benefit from learning from React developers who’ve learned valuable lessons about the framework.

Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time digging through the half million public packages on npm. There are millions of public tarballs to go with those public packages, which means there’s a lot of code to look through and experiment with. Buried in that code is a surprising amount of sensitive information: authentication tokens, passwords, and production test data including credit card numbers.
In the fall, a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of front-end performance.

People & Process
I just finished reading an extremely depressing article in The Atlantic entitled: The Coming Software Apocalypse. The article does a good job, at first, of describing several terrible software bugs that have harmed, maimed, and killed people. But then the article veers off in a direction that I found disheartening.
The other day, somebody in the @thoughtbot Slack asked what you do when you first join a Rails project. @derekprior came up with this.

Learning & Growth

GeePaw on Embracing Change, Starting With Code

“Hey Marcus, remember that time you deleted 42,000 lines of code before checking in? Oh, and it happened to be on the first real project your boss had assigned you after hiring you? Oh, oh! And, you hadn’t backed up!”
Must See
Depending on where you live and the devices you use, high-latency internet access might be a totally foreign concept or an everyday reality, so in this episode we look at some concrete numbers to get a sense of just how much it can change someone's experience.
Worth a Listen
This week on My Ruby Story, Charles speaks with Adam Cuppy. Adam is the co-founder at Zeal, a software consultancy that specializes in web and mobile applications.
On today's episode we discuss Cult(ure), a talk given by Adam Cuppy from Zeal. We speak on some of the topics Adam addresses in his talk. We also talk about the difference between a cult and a culture within organizations.
Other Cool Stuff
Microsoft just blew us (and some virtual robots) away with a demo of its HoloLens ‘mixed reality’ gaming system.
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