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Zeal Interestings, Issue 29
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Languages & Libraries
Async/await in Node.js opens up a host of powerful design patterns. Tasks that used to take complex libraries or intricate promise chaining can now be done with rudimentary if statements and for loops.

Recently, I’ve read about porting a Ruby application or writing a command-line application to Crystal. As it happens, I had started doing the …

On the Server

In celebration of the 12th RailsConf in Phoenix, Arizona this week, we’re proud to announce that Rails 5.1 is ready in its final form! We’ve spent over 4,100 commits since Rails 5.0 making everything EASIER, SIMPLER, and, uhhh, FUNNER? (That’s a RailsConf joke).

Helps use multiple accounts on Heroku.

Demonstrating how a weak session secret can allow an attacker to take control of a server

On the Front-End
Configurable React Components with great UX

Synchronous, app-modal JavaScript dialogs are commonly (and unfortunately) used to harm users. Because of this, the Chromium team highly recommends that you not use JavaScript dialogs.

No. Well. Mostly No. Grid is much newer than Flexbox and has a bit less browser support. That's why it makes perfect sense if people are wondering if CSS g

On the Go

I recently finished my first React Native project. Overall, React Native was a huge win, but it was not all sunshine and roses.

Google is getting back into the team collaboration space to take on Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, and Cisco Spark with a new service called Hangouts Chat. Available in a private beta, it blends private rooms for conversations and integrations not only with G Suite, but also third-party services. Hangouts Chat is a free service that comes as part of your G Suite subscription and is intended to help Google better appeal up-market at the enterprise. 

Reactide is the first dedicated IDE for React web application development.

Sketch 43 will be out in a few weeks, and it will fundamentally change how the design tools game will be played out in the coming years.

People & Process

Being spread across the world has its pros and cons. Here’s how we deal with it.

Magical thinking drives the startup economy — but we need a strong dose of reality.

A look our engineering team's "best practice" approach to organize Github issues with a shared tag system across multiple product repositories.

Learning & Growth
Let me be clear that these are only a few tips for improving your skills. Ultimately you need to figure out what works best for you. These are just things that I have found helpful.
Must See

Generators are a useful tool for handling asynchrony in your JavaScript applications. They were added to JavaScript with ES2015. When applied correctly they allow us to write asynchronous code that looks synchronous. They also turn one of JavaScripts core paradigms on its head. Contrary to normal functions, generator functions can be paused and resumed at any arbitrary point in time with the yield keyword. This course will walk you through the basics of generators so you’ll be able to use them in your applications without ripping your hair out!

React Router v4 takes an entirely new approach to routing and handling URLs in your React applications. It fully embraces the concept of declarative programming and a component based development process. In practice, this turns out to be very nice and gives you a routing solution that is less configuration heavy than many previous solutions. In this course, you will learn about the basics of React Router v4 to help you get started. We will look at the core components that React Router supplies and how they interact together to create a robust routing solution for your React applications.

Other Cool Stuff

An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.™ Fidget Cube™ has six sides. Each side

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the Arctic Circle has received a major deposit of nearly 50,000 seed samples from around the world, bringing the total number of seeds stored at the remote facility to nearly one million. This latest deposit—one of the largest ever—is a critical step in ensuring global food security at a time when the world’s climate and geopolitics seems precarious.

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