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Zeal Interestings, Issue 28
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Languages & Libraries

Ruby 2.4.1, a ‘teeny’ release, has been released. If you want the raw files, the official Ruby site has the goodies, or you can check out…

It's been exactly one year since the last breaking change to React. Our next major release, React 16, will include some exciting improvements, including a complete rewrite of React's internals. We take stability seriously, and are committed to bringing those improvements to all of our users with minimal effort.

The best mocking library for JavaScript testing has just gotten a whole lot better with today's release of testdouble.js 2.0. This release irons out a few public API quirks found in the 1.x series, greatly enhances a number of existing features, and sets the team up to keep delivering features to make unit testing more pleasant.
On the Server

We’re happy to announce Rails 5.1.0.rc1 has been released. With the help of the community we polished the Rails 5.1 release with more than 380 commits.

We are excited to announce that Automated Certificate Management is generally available, at no additional charge, for all applications running on Hobby...

On the Front-End

We take a look at the new CSS Grid system and compare it with flexbox to see which is the better layout building tool.

Comparing performance of Elm, React, Angular, and Ember

On the Go

Mobile is today as important, if not more important, than desktops when it comes to the internet and apps. A clear reminder of that comes with news of a..

Haul is a command line tool for developing React Native apps


Stacks changes everything you knew about layout in Sketch

by Johnny Rodgers, Charlie Hess, Raissa Largman, Jamie Scheinblum and Chris Sullivan

Emoji have been one our most requested features, eliciting a fair share of comments on social media.

People & Process

A while ago, Yehuda Katz tweeted the best thing I’ve ever seen about tech management.

The idea that TDD damages design and architecture is not new. DHH suggested as much several years ago with his notion of Test Induced Design Damage; in which he compares the design he prefers to a design created by Jim Weirich that is “testable”. The argument, boils down to separation and indirection. DHH’s concept of good design minimizes these attributes, whereas Weirich’s maximizes them.

Why you should focus on Riskiest Assumption Tests and forget about MVPs.

Learning & Growth

A pottery teacher splits the two sections of her introductory class into a "quantity" group and "quality" group. Students in the "quantity" group are graded solely on the number of clay pots they produce, while...

A new book explores the psychology of mastering skills and absorbing information

Must See

Naming things is hard and arguments in generic utility functions are no exception. Making functions "tacit" or "point free" removes the need for the extra parameter names and can make your code cleaner and more succinct. In this lesson, we'll create a normal, "pointed" function and then use ramda's useWith function to refactor our way to point-free bliss.

Other Cool Stuff

Most people, with the exception of those who live beneath the subway grates and Ted Cruz, don’t like to be alone for too long. We need—nay, crave—the attention of others. When that attention comes from an intelligent piano-playing machine, however, shit gets weird.

Posted by Marc Stevens (CWI Amsterdam), Elie Bursztein (Google), Pierre Karpman (CWI Amsterdam), Ange Albertini (Google), Yarik Markov (Goog...

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