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To Serve
An introduction to Lean Product Development Flow given by Don Reinertsen at Adventures with Agile in London.

Stripe Atlas’ guide to networking (for people, not protocols)

AMP has caused quite the stir from a philosophical perspective, but the technology hasn’t received as close of a look.... This got me wondering: how well does AMP really perform.
There’s a myth in our industry that you can write code and manage people, and that every engineer should do both if they want to advance their career.

What hiring language from 25,000 recent job descriptions tells us about corporate cultural norms

To Craft
Credo is nearly 2.5 years old and is probably the piece of work I am most proud of as an open source developer. Seeing it being adopted by so many people and eventually getting to the magical v1.0 in the coming months is pretty amazing.
CSS Grid changes the way flexibility works on the web. When there is more or less space available, Grid allows us to precisely design how content moves.
In this post, I explore a different approach and outline a method of lazily generating images, in which a resized asset is only created if a user requests that specific size.
Here is a quick video explaining how React’s new context API works.

For this edition of Refactoring UI, we're going to redesign the Bad About topic page, sharing lots of tips on organizing content, creating a hierarchy, and improving typography.
To Ignite
On today's episode we discuss the Facebook dataleak and protection of privacy responsibilities as application developers.

The new version of Mozilla’s Firefox browser is called Firefox Reality.

The focus of our conversation is on Mark's work designing and executing simulations for the military and businesses, to test out their assumptions and strategies.
Having the day broken down to a data point makes it easy to take something like a calendar of smiley faces and turn it into a visualization. This means I can easily track my ups and downs over different lengths of time.
What does it take to launch a Software as a Service business in 2018? Follow Jon and Justin as they build & launch their new product: Transistor.fm.

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