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To Serve

Stripe Atlas’ guide to pricing and packaging for low-touch SaaS businesses

Software companies should put careful deliberation into their engineering job levels, and make available a job ladder explaining what is expected of employees, the distinction between roles, and areas for career growth.
If we think of the internal state each of us has in our head — “Our beliefs, our opinions, our attitudes … our internal model of the world and how it works” — then the meaning of a communication, in the receiver’s frame of reference, is the mutation of that state (which Pratt calls ‘image’).
To Craft

Building native applications with React is awesome. Until the time you have to release a new build. That's when Fastlane comes to the rescue!

For this edition of Refactoring UI, we're going to redesign the WP Pusher checkout page, sharing lots of tips on designing forms, finding layout inspiration, and making bland design more exciting.

Timothy Su explains a safer approach to using the Rails console for debugging issues and inspecting data without defaulting to Sandbox.

I just made this diagram of modern React lifecycle methods. Hope you’ll find it helpful! 

To Ignite
The device opens the door to invisible displays on walls and windows – displays that would be bright when turned on but see-through when turned off — or in futuristic applications such as light-emitting tattoos, according to the researchers.

IDEA is a series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions, created by Sándor P. Fekete, Sebastian Morr, and Sebastian Stiller.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been working towards for the past few months. Introducing Retail AR, from Dent Reality.
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