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To Serve

What traits and characteristics make for my ideal leader.

App developers sometimes ask me what they should do when their features, designs, or entire apps are copied by competitors.
To Craft
Dan Abramov from our team just spoke at JSConf Iceland 2018 with a preview of some new features we’ve been working on in React. The talk opens with a question: “With vast differences in computing power and network speed, how do we deliver the best user experience for everyone?”
TablePrint tries to use sensible defaults to choose the columns to show. If you're inspecting ActiveRecord objects, it uses the ActiveRecord column names. If you're not using ActiveRecord, the table_print default is to show all the methods that are defined directly on your object (nothing from superclasses/mixins).

Walking through the idea behind Basecamp 3's Adminland + a before and after of a pending redesign.

GenServers, supervisors etc. are great technologies that help you solve problems. They’re one of the things that is most special about elixir/Erlang. As a result lots of conference talks, blog posts etc. focus on them and it seems everyone wants to use them. However, do you need them all the time?

Easily share and organize code components and modules with your team. Build with React, Vue, Angular, Node.js, GraphQL and much more. Join today to get started.

The virtual realm is uncharted territory for many designers. In the last few years, we've witnessed **an explosion in virtual reality** (VR) hardware and applications. VR experiences range from the mundane to the wondrous, their complexity and utility varying greatly.

To Ignite
On today's episode we discuss Winamp-js, a faithful open source recreation of Winamp 2 made by Jordan Eldredge.

This emerging technology could revolutionize how products get from point A to point B.

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