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Languages & Libraries
In Promise-based code, there are usually many callbacks, each one having a separate scope for variables. What if you want to share data between those callbacks? This blog post describes techniques for doing so.

react-x-ray - React CSS Layout Debugger

On the Server
Recently, CircleCI launched a new version of their continuous integration platform, CircleCI 2.0. Several of our clients at work upgraded and immediately saw a huge reduction in build times. I decided to try it out on my Elixir side project.
When it comes to APIs, change isn’t popular. While software developers are used to iterating quickly and often, API developers lose that flexibility as soon as even one user starts consuming their interface.
synvert is used to convert ruby code to better syntax.

On the Front-End

This is a real-world example of refactoring a React Native component into stateless functional components and higher-order components, in 5 steps.

A summary of the differences between Webpack HMR and React-Hot-Loader.

CSS Reference is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples.


I tested the top VPN providers using my credit card to find the best ones — and which ones you should avoid.

When you first started using GitHub, you read every notification that trickled in with interest and stayed up-to-date on projects with ease.

People & Process

It’s one thing to hire a bunch of junior developers. It’s another to retain the experienced people who’ll mentor them.

How to measure if your product is working and growing

Redefining Community Engagement in Software Development

Learning & Growth

Lessons from a decade of error and trial

Other Cool Stuff

There are many professions where human workers are being replaced by intelligent machines. Cashiers at stores and restaurants, factory workers, even farm laborers are all being swapped out for robots at a dizzying pace. Until now, however, those in the artistic professions felt pretty safe from the threat. After all, how could an algorithm ever replicate …

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