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Languages & Libraries

What we learned in the first week moving away from CSS Modules.

rubygems.org is now using Elasticsearch

On the Server
As the popularity of Elixir and Phoenix continues to grow, we find ourselves spinning up more and more Phoenix apps for our clients and side projects.

I recently finished building my first Elixir application, a command-line application for managing invoices for my side work.

On the Front-End
What it is like to write Elm. Our Elm experience.

A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies.

React is usually pretty fast, but it’s easy to make small mistakes that lead to performance issues. Slow component mounts, deep component…

On the Go
Work in progress PR on react-native.
Pomello turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro® tasks. It stays on top of your windows to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

The easiest way to start an internet company.

People & Process

Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda.

The Open Source Survey is an open data project by GitHub and collaborators from academia, industry, and the broader open source community.

Learning & Growth
 Matt Kirk wrote his first book, Thoughtful Machine Learning in just nine months. While it's a feat for anyone, it’s more so when you consider that he had a day job and freelance work on the side alongside taking classes for a Masters degree in Computer Science.
Must See
As React Native developers we take so much pride in how fast it takes us to build something functional on mobile. However, the development speed is only half of the story.
Other Cool Stuff

Eden was submerged in 5 degree Celsius water for 15 minutes and was unresponsive after being resuscitated.

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