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Languages & Libraries
Composable way to create less verbose Redux code

Caffeine is a livecoding environment for the web. After adding it to a webpage, you can use it to change that page live, without reloading, and to store your changes. You can interact with Caffeine through a full graphical interface inside your page, and with your favorite text editor.
On the Server
To help developers and DevOps professionals manage and secure their microservice-based applications, Google, IBM and Lyft today announced Istio.
Skylight is a smart profiler for Ruby on Rails applications.
It turns performance data into actionable insights, so you spend less time diagnosing and more time improving.

On the Front-End
A higher order component for loading components with promises.

Polished is a utility library for writing styles in JavaScript. In this post, I’ll go step-by-step in optimizing it for webpack users.

Goodbye CoffeeScript, hello JavaScript!

On the Go
Control and manage real Smartphone devices from your browser.
We've introduced TypeScript and CSS in the last release and are doing a batch of fixes for them in this release. We're also adding support for new languages: GraphQL queries, embedding CSS-in-JS and JSON are now available in prettier!
Review requests are a great way to get the people you need to look at your work. Now with team requests, you can find the right group of people and review code together.

Two fingers scroll moves through time instead of space.

People & Process
Over the past few months, I’ve been reminded about the difference between “can do” and “must do” and how companies often confuse the two.
Learning & Growth
The community that helps you build the app or bot of your dreams.

Must See
The Functional Programming (FP) aspects of React are fairly prominent, but components themselves are an example of Object-Oriented (OO) programming.

Other Cool Stuff
Or how I obtained direct publish access to 13% of npm packages (including popular ones).  The estimated number of packages potentially reachable through dependency chains is 52%.

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