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Zeal Interestings, Issue 31
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Languages & Libraries
Thoughts on what Redux requires, how Redux is intended to be used, and what is possible with Redux

After a year and a half year since the first commit it is time to finally write something about tesla — the flexible HTTP client library…

The async/await utility for browsers and Node.js.

On the Server

It’s always better to be explicit! That’s pretty much a programming truism. Rarely directly challenged, lest one betray the foundational…

Versioned database views for Rails

Citus Cloud offers a managed database-as-a-service for easy horizontal scaling of postgres.

On the Front-End

Check out the package at https://github.com/geolessel/react-phoenix

A contextually aware grid for React

An interactive tool to create, share, and apply color palettes to your UI, as well as measure the accessibility level of any color combination.

On the Go
Flutter is a new mobile app SDK to help developers and designers build modern mobile apps for iOS and Android.

I’m often asked about that last mile of developing a React Native app (actually getting it into the app store). There’s more to it than…


The latest update to Chrome introduces scroll anchoring, which locks the content you’re currently looking at to the screen so you can keep reading easily.

In case you don't know, prettier is a JavaScript formatter that works by compiling your code to an AST, and then pretty-printing the AST.

Loom is a video communication platform helping individuals and teams unlock the power of video in the workplace. Unlimited recording and storage. HD quality. Instantly ready to share.

People & Process

Once we had "lightweight methods" as a frequent topic of discussion. It's still the movement I pursue. Some innovators came through and ...

I don't always feel like a wizard. I'm not the most experienced member on my team, like most people I sometimes find my work difficult, and I still have a TON TO LEARN. 

At GitHub, we recognize that running a great business over the long term requires a measure of "work/life balance" – and that includes recognizing that developers and other knowledge workers have c...

Learning & Growth

250 MOOCs from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.

Must See

Redux Thunk is the most used library for side effects and asyncronous calls in Redux - and that's for a reason. But despite being so used, there are a few us...

Other Cool Stuff

x.ai is an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

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