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To Serve
Today I want to talk to you about not complaining. Well, just a bit. Actually, maybe I'm going to talk about how to do it better, since I've been working on learning that bit.
To Craft

How to review your site for accessibility issues.

Still one of my favorite apps for manipulating JavaScript regular expressions... And links to other tools as well. 

How to recognize and avoid a common Redux anti-pattern where the view is tightly coupled to your application state

Detect structural similarities in your code

The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer

In this post, we will discuss a new technique called “circuit breakers” that we have used to make our site more fault tolerant.
To Ignite
A series of high-profile forgery cases have spooked the art world and cost auction houses millions. Can artificial intelligence ride to the rescue?
Combating cheats is an ever-evolving arms race. The scope and complexity of cheat development grows every year along with the stakes in online gaming. The pressure is on for game studios to level up when it comes to detecting and preventing bad actors.
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