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To Serve
Seven easy-to-implement guidelines to design a more accessible web ❤️

The story I tell today, the vision, has much to do with collaboration and with perspiration. Usually my stories feature the unlikely interaction of two ideas. Today’s story combines something like four or five. 
We need to keep consistent with a couple of principles that will remind us of how to design great products. We should be told at least once a month about these small principles until we live and breathe good design.
To Craft
Our team is in the middle of adopting React + GraphQL using React Apollo. One of the things we were excited about was the promise that writing unit tests with React Apollo would be easy. 
New to DevTools in Chrome: Eager Evaluation, Argument Hints, Autocomplete After Invoking Functions, Audits Panel Updates, and more

We’re excited to announce a new major release of the Apollo GraphQL Server that addresses the biggest needs of product engineering teams and sets them up for long-term success.
To Ignite
Make it shorter. No extra points for filling your time. Be really clear about what it’s for. If the presentation works, what will change? Who will be changed?
Humans are generally wired at birth to seek praise and avoid punishment, so we learn to look to authority figures (parents, teachers, coaches) in order to achieve this.
Despite the popularity of the open-office floor plan, research shows the design actually increases stress and lowers productivity.

It's getting harder to escape Google and other powerful tech companies. Here is a list of open-source or paid alternatives to every component of the Googleverse.

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