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To Serve

A few uncomfortable truths, and keys for success, for people who build software.

Running a remote company in the US requires onerous paperwork and the use of terrible government websites.
When your job involves "thought work" -- that is, the kind of labor where you engage your brain disproportionate to your body -- you have committed yourself to a lifetime of learning.
To Craft
Powerful HTTP and GraphQL tool belt.
With Sonar, engineers have a highly flexible, intuitive way to inspect and understand the structure and behavior of their iOS and Android applications.

All previously released versions of Sprockets, the software that powers the Rails asset pipeline, contain a directory traversal vulnerability.

Ponyfill for upcoming Element.scrollIntoView() APIs like scrollMode: if-needed, behavior: smooth and block: center

With this Ecto-inspired API, you can define both the struct, the type and @enforce_keys at once. The default value is another option, and adding a new key is a breeze.
Our takeaways from experimenting with React snapshot testing at ezCater.

To Ignite
The Chrome User Experience Report is a powerful tool that allows you to view and analyze web performance data generated by real users on millions of websites.
We all have hobbies we like to do when we leave the office, but that doesn't mean we have to shut down our programmer minds at the end of the day.

Using GPS and sensor data from Android phones, Uber engineers develop a state model for trips taken by Uber Eats delivery-partners, helping to optimize trip timing for delivery-partners and eaters alike.

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