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To Serve
In many ways, software development has plateaued, and part of the reason is that people hesitate to pay for software worth paying for.
 What is your role in the code base you find yourself in today?  Owner?  Renter? Guest? Visitor?  Vandal?

Can remote teams achieve the productivity of the office and still allow the convenience of working at home?

To Craft
Some time ago, I wrote several posts about encapsulating the Redux state tree using reducers and selectors, the asymmetry between reducers and selectors, and the problems that arise when attempting to resolve that asymmetry in a modular-structured Redux application. Thanks to a wonderful blog post by Nicholas Gallagher, I now have a better solution to the problems.
For this edition of Refactoring UI, we're going to redesign Tuple's hype page, sharing lots of tips on layout, styling text, and choosing colors.
Much has been said about Elixir debugging techniques, but in this post, I’d like to give a quick overview of all possible options to serve as a go-to reference when you need to debug Elixir code.
fpm is a command-line program designed to help you build packages.

Everything on the web starts as a rectangular box. You can use Clip Path and CSS Shapes to change that. Clip the shape of of the element, and make it a circle

The Firefox Shape Path Editor is a tool you can use in Firefox 62 or later to help you edit the basic shape in CSS.
To Ignite
Back in 2017, I thought the Touch Bar had a vast potential to become engaging and helpful. I believed developers might support it in their applications. I was hoping there was a use for it.
What exactly has been Microsoft’s role in the open source community? In which projects and ecosystems have they contributed most? Have those contributions been focused on the large Microsoft open source initiatives, or has the company also participated in projects beyond their immediate purview?
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