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A person’s ability to perform is based on their potential to succeed. Potential is the ability to be effective long term. Trajectory is the progress one has made on the path to reaching his or her potential. Performance is the act of tapping into our potential — it’s a side effect of potential and trajectory.
Your personal data isn’t my business — it’s a liability. I want as little as possible. I don’t even log IP addresses anymore.
Based on the open source project Gatsby I founded, Gatsby the company will make feature-rich and blazing-fast websites easier to build and run.
The following optimizations combined are the reason AMP pages are so fast they appear to load instantly.
Actually, we heard you the first time. Ever since then, the only information that's being communicated is about you, not the people you're angry with.
To Craft
What is app env, and what should we use it for?
Async rendering in React gives us a powerful new set of primitives for addressing longstanding problems in UI development. I'll discuss React's vision for how async rendering can improve data fetching, code delivery, prefetching, view transitions, and more.

First in a two-part series, I will cover the development and testing of a simple API using NodeJS and Docker Compose.

Some thoughts about React Native for web developers. I ask that you first forget the name, forget how it works, forget the rough edges, forget web tribalism, forget what your favorite web developers have said about it
You’ve probably seen deprecation warnings in Rails, especially if you made the jump to 5.2 recently, but did you know you can use them in your own app?

This React with Apollo and GraphQL tutorial shows you how to use GraphQL in your React application by consuming GitHub's GraphQL API.
To Ignite
Reflecting on my own experience, I’d go a step further and ask, what if recent technological advances are actually decreasing our productivity?

Learn to code with free online courses, programming projects, and interview preparation for developer jobs.

Artopia is an upcoming Android and iOS augmented reality and location-based app that lets you paint in 3D in mid-air. Your phone’s a paintbrush and your surroundings are your canvas. Everything you draw is saved in the world for others to find.
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