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To Serve
Ben Orenstein, founder of Tuple, shares the journey from engineer to entrepreneurship and the origin story of Tuple. We get into why Tuple will be the best tool for remote pair programming and what Ben's personal goals for Tuple are.
Your most precious asset is your time. You can start and adopt the following set of habits right now to give yourself hours of your life back.
At no time is it to be assumed by my publication of this series that I recommend using story points or velocity. I do not.  Even so, if people are using them, they should understand them at least until they realize that they are better off without.

Engineering leader Marco Rogers (Lever, Yammer, Clover Health) debunks some of the most common recruiting tropes and walks through his four top interviewing practices for startups.

To Craft

Over 100 curated resources for learning CSS, arranged in an order that makes sense for learning from scratch or jumping straight to a particular topic.

Moving your code towards a more functional style can have a lot of benefits – it can be easier to reason about, easier to test, more declarative, and more.

While helping aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their stores, Shopify also holds some of the world's largest sales for the Super Bowl, Kylie Cosmetics, and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kanye West. These "flash sales" are tricky from an engineering point of view because of their unpredictably large volumes of traffic.
From Chapter 1 of Frederick P. Brooks's 1974 book, The Mythical Man-Month.
A string is just a sequence of characters. Since strings are objects they have a lot of methods you can use to do things with them.

Don't convert an arrow function just to add a console.log, you can add it with || and then get rid of it later 
Pseudo Localization is a way to simulate translation of English UI strings, without waiting for, or going to the effort of doing real translation.
This post is the story of how we took a step back and embraced an approach that aligned well with our product requirements and needs of the team.
To Ignite
Krijn van der Raadt of everydev walks us through everydev's hiring and deployment of code school grads on real consulting projects. We dig into his story of how he got involved with everydev and the details of everydev's vision.
 “If voice is the future of computing interfaces, what about those who cannot hear or speak?”
The Facebook Field Guide to Machine Learning is a six-part video series developed by the Facebook ads machine learning team. The series shares best real-world practices and provides practical tips about how to apply machine-learning capabilities to real-world problems.
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